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A title : a work in progress — theloveproject, –four years in the making; 10 years later and nothing to show for it

70 years in a man’s life.. that’s a lot to try to get into a newsreel

Music has always been the most important part of my life. The earliest memory I have in regards to when my love for music began was possibly when I was 9 years old. I can’t tell you exactly when I began to love classical music, but I do remember seeing an info-mercial on Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky cassettes. I even remember the price ($26.99! that was a lot of money for a cassette back in 19-whenever that was). Those tapes were played to DEATH. I even had to put them back together a few times (remember when tape players used to chew up your cassettes and you would have to yank them out, and cut off the damaged tape and glue what was left back together again, so that it would still play, but you would be missing a few seconds of music?).

Some time later my brother bought me an electric piano (it cost $29.99. I don’t know why I always remember what everything costs). It was my favorite thing in the world for years. I wonder what ever happened to it….

In highschool my love of music was taken a level up when in music class I was given the Oboe to play. When played incorrectly, it sounds like a duck’s final moments in the abatoir. When played correctly however, it is the sweetest sound on God’s green earth (with the possible exception of the English Horn or Stradavarious violin).

At some point in life shortly-thereafter, my love for classical music died. Maybe it had something to do with my try-outs for the Montreal conservatory. I didn’t get in. I was devastated, and I’m probably still not completely over it yet.

SHIFT: rock music

JAGGED LITTLE PILL: Alanis’ album was the first rock album I ever bought. And the songwriting seed was now planted in me.

Was it during highschool, or shortly afterwards? When did I first pick up a guitar? My brothers played, guitars were always around the house. I never thought much of them before then. Can I remember the first song I ever wrote? Sadly, I can’t. All I know was that I had a computer, and although they were limited in what they could do back then, the one thing they did pretty well was record sound.

In the late 90’s I recorded my first “album”. I was so proud. It was basic stuff, just me and a guitar. I was listening to a lot of Nirvana and Tori Amos back then, and the influences are pretty apparent. Months/years later I recorded a few more “albums” and IMHO, they were ok. When I listen to them now it’s very clear what I was listening to a lot of then (Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam, the list goes on).  Here are a few  samples of my music :

***the early stuff**

1 – 15-Trak Demo (circa 1997-1998):




2- thestateunfair (circa 1999)




3 – Ironic Punishment Division (circa 1999)




4 – Pax not Pox (circa 2000-2001)





*** Theloveproject***

THELOVEPROJECT. My first “serious” project. When I listen to this record I cringe only a few times, in comparison to the others, which is a good indication that I wrote something good, even though over 10 years have passed since. Although I sound pretty juvenile, and my inexperience with recording equipment shows a lot on this record, I recorded most of these songs in one or two takes, and I was still experimenting with harmonies and overdubbing. When looking back, I suppose I should be proud of what I’ve done.

It’s not been easy since. “four years in the making” is an on-going project. At this rate, with all I’ve written and with all that I’m continuously writing, when I’m ready to record again, we’re looking at a 4-hour, 7-disc deal. If I had any fans at all, they would be extatic. Being virtually unknow as I am though, who’ll give a damn?

-This Is Orson Welles



2 responses to “A title : a work in progress — theloveproject, –four years in the making; 10 years later and nothing to show for it

  1. jaydee

    So basically I want to know why Fire and Ashes didn’t make the cut, because that was the song where i stopped what i was doing to hear it, and when it was done i went back to play it again and again and again! And again!

  2. Well sir, This is amazing. I had no idea that you were as talented as you are. Keep it up and spread the love!
    If .. or rather when you make it big, remember, I’ll be David Bowie, and you my dear, Elton John!

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