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Breaking Lent: the greatest thing in the world is vinyl: when the hell is spring getting here?

This year’s lent item: chocolate. It was pretty damned sucky. Not as bad as last year’s lent when I gave up Facebook (it sucked SO HARD oh Jesus. It sucked so DAMNED hard) and not as beneficial as the year before last’s lent (I gave up smoking, and never started again. Because I’m so fucking awesome for having quit smoking I permit myself to indulge in pretty much anything food-wise.)
Last night something happened, that which I have been waiting for since Ash Wednesday: I gorged myself at the trough of freedom: a biscotti fondue from Suite 88;
VINYL: My latest discovery/obsession: BJORK.
VOLTA: Great record. Not really liked by critics, one friend told me it’s the album that made her stop listening to Bjork. But I like it! The packaging is really nuts:
In 1996 I bought my first batch of vinyl records. While most people were replacing their LP’s and cassette’s with CD’s, I had discovered that records were not only cheaper than CD’s, but a lot more fun to own. They smell GREAT, the packaging is awesome, they’re nice to look at on the shelves and if you have a copy that’s in pristine condition, the sounds is unparalleled.
To actually sit down and calculate how much money I spent on records… I’m not going there. Instead, I will say that I thoroughly enjoy every one that I own, and there are but a few things that compare in awesomeness to the feeling of going into a record store and finding one that you’ve been looking for for a million years. Sure, you can take the easy way out and go on ebay and buy it and have it delivered to your house in a week, OR you can hold out and just wait until the day you stumble upon it by accident in some obscure record shop.
THE ONE ABOUT SPRING:  This is what it was like a few weeks ago, unseasonable warmth, putting away the winter clothing…

and suddenly, it snowed again and it dropped below zero. *slit my wrists*. Spring, where did you go, BITCH
-This Is Orson Welles
Declaration  of  Principles

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