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Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you: Restaurant reviews (at last) and getting on Stefano DiMera’s bad side: NOT A GOOD IDEA

It was one of those lazy dog-dangling afternoons. You know those days, when it rains, and it’s chilly, and the only thing worth leaving the house for is a great big soup.
Well, that’s what I did.
Le Tonkin: 6542 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
It’s been a while since I’ve had a great meal in a restaurant and this place always hits the spot. Great Vietnamese restaurant on the outskirts of Little Italy. The service was great and the food really hit the spot. I had my soup on a cold rainy day. Tonight I’m going to sleep like a baby.
Strange fortune cookie though. Will this set the tone for the coming week?
Sucky Restaurant of the week: 
RUMI EXPRESS: 4403 Boulevard St.Laurent
This used to be a great middle eastern restaurant. Reasonably priced, small, uncomplicated menu, good service. So why did this restaurant make the list? Because, for one thing, they changed the menu! They added poutine and burgers! It’s middle eastern food!  If I want a burger I’m not going to go to a middle eastern restaurant for one! What the fuck were they thinking? I’ll  tell you what they were thinking. The waitress told me that they changed the menu to reflect the tastes of the people who live in the neighbourhood. You have got to be fucking joking!!! As if that wasn’t bad enough, the meal took over an hour to arrive and it was nothing spectacular. It’s so disappointing when a place you love loses all the things you love about to “reflect the tastes of the people who live in the neighbourhood”. I was about as angry as Stefano DiMera when he found out that Kate cheated on him with Ian:
For JayDee:
That’s all for now. This is my truth Tell me yours. – This is Orson Welles

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