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If everyone in the world were truly happy, the world would shine like the sun

Orson Welles was a very interesting character with a very intriguing outlook on life. He once said that the hardest thing one will ever do is to find out what is their heart’s desire… something that sounds so easy, yet who among us has actually done it? He meant for us to REALLY look deep inside ourselves, to find out what that thing is, and then once found, to pursue it! I’m still trying to find out what that is. Maybe you are as well.
I sure as hell never pictured having to play these games the way I do on a daily basis.  You’d think that working hard would pay off, and that you wouldn’t end up back where you started one day. What’s the point of it all? Trapped in a cyclone of lies, fake smiles, back-scratching, stories that don’t go anywhere, people who should go missing, others who become more present, like a goiter or a canker soar, just go away already! How much ointment does one have to smear on!  It’s official: This world is being run by imbeciles.
Interesting fact; due to the lousy times we live in, coupled with the absolutely beastly governments that are in power at this time, job insecurity and a lack of opportunities have swelled the ranks of the self-employed. So you see? When the “man” shuts a door, a window opens! If you have nothing to offer the world ( a.k.a you do not know that which is your heart’s desire) you can use that window as a window into a new world or self-discovery!!… OR (ahem) you can use it as a window to jump out of to end your life. It’s your choice.
“It don’t snow here, it stays pretty green, I’m gonna make a lot of money then I’m gonna quit this crazy scene, I wish I had a river I could skate awaaaaaaay oooonnnn….”
You said it Joni. But this isn’t the 60’s, and as talented as one is or one hopes to be, one can’t just head West and “see, or they’ll never know at all”. Maybe that’s the problem.  Maybe we ought to take more risks! Why is it that, although we’re living longer and we’re making more money and we are planning better for our futures do we feel that we all have to have it figured out by the time we’re 30? That might be the problem. We’re not our parents, we don’t have to find a job and raise a family and stick with it for 40 years just because we don’t have options. If we’re living longer then we should actually get the change to LIVE a little, don’t you agree? We would’nt want to be stuck in a dead-end job, day in, day out, just because we have to be, until.. until what, until we go mad? Mad, like Charlie Chaplin did in Modern Times?
There he was, working, another slave during the industrial revolution, chain work. How degrading.What a way to lose one’s soul…
Then, one day, it all becomes too much. ENTER: MADNESS:
In a fit of desperation, he throws himself into the machine. He is devoured by gears, yet, miraculously survives:
Of course, things end well for him. Yes, he goes to prison a few times, he meets a woman, he loses his money, but he does well.. and then, he’s back out on his ass. This time with a companion… and they walk out into the sunset together. Poor as hell, but, poor together. Poor, yet happy…
So I guess it doesn’t matter where you work, or how much money you make, but how happy you are and that you share that  happiness with someone. Although, being single is OK TOO! You don’t need to be with someone else to be happy! Oh boy… This is going into a whole other direction. Let’s just end this here… for now. Until next time, This Is Orson Welles.

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