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It’s all in the mind. What is the mind? No matter. What is matter? Nevermind.

Someone came to work this week and picked my brain. It was, of course, interesting since I find anything from paint drying to planets exploding interesting.. so I listened. Answered. Participated.
It was little shock to me to find out that I’m exactly the type of person that I am and don’t necessarily want to be. It’s also very shocking that I give a damn since I hate labels and, as I’ve said in the past, the time to make up your mind about people is never so to sum someone’s life and behavior up and label it is quite ridiculous. I was glad to find some supporters in the room. The rest can kiss my grits!
This makes me think of what Woody Allen said in Annie Hall about not “wanting to belong to a club who would have Me as a member.” Am I THAT unpleasant to be around? Or insecure.. or how was it put in the room.. not having any respect for myself?
The funny thing about life is that everyone treads along and deals with shit and nobody knows what, where, how-come and why about any of it, not unless they were there with you living it.. which they weren’t, right?
Certain things in our lives occur and we change because of them. Your first taste of shyster-ism, the realization that what’s in the past, on occasion, will be the best it was and the best it ever will be. A little like Chasing the Dragon the way the lovely and talented Marie-Josée Croze described it in Les Invasions Barbares. Sometimes we have to just shut our traps and enjoy the moment.. you never know, it could be the best moment of this type of moment and the moment you will always try to recapture.
Like most, I think after our first big shaft in life, we have a cynical Richard Blaine-style hard shell reaction to the situation. Like the protagonist in possibly the most famous motion picture of all time, Casablanca, we shut ourselves away from the world and become jaded or something;… but whatever we become it’s to hide the hurt we’re feeling.
Katherine Hepburn called James Stewart out on it in The Philadelphia Story after sneaking off to the nearest library to read his book to see what he was really made of. She had a preconceived notion about him. How wrong she was! Upon reading his literary works, she confronted him, in a loving manner, saying that she believed he “put the toughness on to save his skin”, continuing to say that she knew ” a little about that”.
And there you have it, folks. We are all scared little kittens, soft little kittens who are simply full of it, pretending to be people we are not. Maybe I’m wrong (but I know I’m not)…
In the spirit of hippie love and all that lovey dovey crap, we should all listen to Arthur Lee and his Psychedelic Band: LOVE!
It’s a band that I’ve known for a good 10 years or so, but only recently did I begin to explore their other albums. The one I’ve known all this time is Forever Changes, their 1967 master opus.  It is a must-have. So go out and get it. you MUST HAVE IT! It turns out that they released other records just as fine, and I’m glad to be alive and kicking, because nothing on this earth is quite like the pepper and salt that flavors the human experience as does music.
Here is possibly the happiest song ever written:
Maybe part of the problem is that we constantly fight to be who we’re not, because of whom we have to be to survive. As Elsa said in The Lady From Shanghai: Human nature is eternal. Therefore, one who follows his nature keeps his original nature, in the end.
Scary, no? – This Is Orson Welles.

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