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Autumnsong; The leaves change colours while others show their true colours

You know what? All I have to say is that this week SUCKED ASS! UP TO HERE with all of it! GRRRRRR !!!! Double GRRRRR!!! GRRR ³ !!!
Well… I can almost put it all behind me now. Nothing that a drink, dinner with friends and a good night’s sleep couldn’t cure. Thank you, thank you. You are all wonderful, and sorry if I was quiet or detached, I was just working through the motions. I made it to the other side…
Today was better! Much better in fact! I awoke, after a night of abundant gluttony and soul-bearing, to a beautiful day!  I decided to venture and head out to a new place that I heard about that opened recently. Hopped onto the bus, took the Metro, walked through the streets of the Plateau, ran into a few friends on the way, kicked a few leaves around, took in the sights, breathed in some of the fresh autumn air, took some pictures, pictures of things, anything, took pictures of cats in trees..
I finally arrived! Luckily there was no lineup. Thank GOD, after all the walking around, picture taking and run-ins, I was HUNGRY. I got to walk right in! In where you ask? The place is called *drum roll please*

Restaurant Maison Publique

(4720 Marquette, Montreal, Quebec H2V 2K3)

Great choice. I really enjoyed it! The meal was GREAT: Curry Lamb-Neck and Bison-Tongue Sandwich:
I wish these guys a lot of success. Great location and atmosphere; from the decor, to the rustic-looking wooden tables that contain a tiny drawer where the cutlery and cloth napkin is kept, to the copper basin and antler paper towel holders in the wash room, everything was to my liking.  I love places like this, and will definitely be back 🙂
It was a nice walk back home. Picked up a couple pastries from Rhubarbe on the way; a pumpkin thing, I forget the name, and a Réligeuse, which I have been obsessed with since my recent trip to Paris ( I hope to write about my experience there soon);
Well that was a fun weekend of food and just living the good life on one of the last beautiful autumn days. So begins that period between the end of autumn and the first snowfall where it seems nothing really happens. So continues my hunt for more comfort food. -This is Orson Welles.

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