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Is wishes were horses, I’d have a ranch: If you don’t come out west and see, you’ll never know at all: I guess one afternoon you won’t cross my mind, I’ll get over you, over time…

Lucinda Williams, like all artists I think, and like all humans alike, feels and lives the same things the rest of us do. What I envy about this woman is that she can actually get things down on paper and sing about them. I, on the other hand, cannot do that anymore. Maybe I’ve found other outlets and therefore turn to music less to express myself, but whatever it is, it really sucks for me.
Luckily, when I feel blue, I turn to what I’m not really doing much of anymore these days: music.
Before I write any more, please listen to her:
I’ve been a fan of hers since World Without Tears, one of the great albums of the 2000’s. Her music evokes a sense of wanting to escape ( “Yes I finally did baby, I got out of La Grange” ) and taking road trips ( “Drive up the coast line, maybe to Ventura”) people who are no longer in your life ( “Are you sleeping though the night, do you have someone to hold you tight, do you have someone to hang out with, do you have someone to hug and kiss you”) to dealing with death (” Some think a fancy funeral will be worth every cent, for every dime and nickel, is money better spent, better spent on groceries, covering the bills, instead of little luxuries, and unnecessary frills”)
That unfullfillable longing doesn’t just exist south of the border. North of the 49th parallel, things are no different. Don’t you sometimes wish you could just leave it all and drive off into the sunset in a convertible with the wind in your hair, to a place far away, maybe Montana, where no one will ever find you, where you can start new ? Well? See for yourself:
Lucky for me, I love in a great city and I don’t necessarily have to travel all the way to Montana to be surrounded by beauty. It was fun being caught in the rain in the middle of Maisonneuve parc this afternoon. Contrary  to everything I’ve been told, I sought refuge under the tallest tree I could find (NO i did not get struck by lightening! After all I am here writing this, am I not?)
here are some pictures of BEAUTY:
After coming back home and drying off from the rain,  it was time to EAT! So, I headed to a place that I know very well where the food is good and the service is great and the wait to get in is terribly long but totally worth it. The place is:
KAZU (1862 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montreal, QC H3H 1M1)
After standing in line for over an hour, we finally got in. This is a great Japanese restaurant, a tiny place where people are cramped tight into small tables with no room to breath, but that’s OK because it adds to the charm and ambiance of the place, and it is definitely worth the slight discomfort once the food arrives:
48-hour porc served on rice:
Tuna and Salmon Salad:
Shrimp  Okonomiyaki:
and as if that wasn’t enough and just as we were beginning to feel stuffed, the Teriyaki Burgers arrived!:

People gazed at us through the window  with burning envy. I can appreciate that; I was in their place an hour earlier, dying of hunger and shivering in the cold waiting to get inside while staring at the people eating and waiting for a table to free up so we could get in and eat already DAMNIT! We were kind enough to leave quickly after out meal was done. We were there to eat a great meal and then leave so that others could enjoy the same.
The evening ended at my place watching SNL and of course, with more food, this time desert in the form of pie. Pie with coffee.  MMMMMM, floor pie
-This is Orson Welles.

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