Declaration of Principles

All he really wanted out of life was love… He just didn’t have any to give.” 
Newspaper tycoon, Charles Foster Kane, one of the most compelling characters ever to grace the silver screen, he.. well, all I know is that when I first saw Citizen Kane, my life, my word, changed forever.I’ll never forget the first time I saw this film. I sat at home, played the film, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing . My head split in half. Every scene, as it began, revealed something I had never seen on the screen before. I was giddy. I was awe-struck. Do you know what that feels like?
It’s happened to me twice before: the first time I heard Radiohead’s OK Computer, and once more when I heard The Beatles’ Revolver.I guess film, and music, or just art in general, is a little like heroin ( from what I’ve heard): you always remember the first hit, how it felt, what it was like; it’s the one you try to recapture every time. I’ve been blessed to “taste of the forbidden fruit” three times. I’ve yet to come across anything that even comes close to the aforementioned eye-opening skull-splitting experience that I’ve had in savoring these tantalizing treats.
Ambition. It will kill you if you take it too seriously. All things considered, I count myself blessed. Still, I can’t help but let myself get carried away and let myself dream of bigger things. Will I one day join the ranks of the greats? As a song writer, you always hope to write something so good that you actually blow yourself away. Maybe I’ll just content myself in knowing that you’ll read this and, depending on what I have to say, chuckle a little, or, worse case scenario, you’ll think of me as “one in a series neither offending or pleasing you” (a Shindler’s List quote. What, are you the only person on earth who hasn’t seen it yet?!! If that’s the case, don’t feel bad. I’ll confess something: I haven’t seen ANY of the Star Wars movies! I know, it’s a travesty. I’ve been planning a Star Wars night for the longest time but it just never happens! When it does I’ll write a great big article about it, I promise! ).
For those of you still reading, let me get to the point: It’s not easy for me to organize thoughs. I sit on the bus on my way home or to work, or back from work, or going someplace, or in the kitchen chopping onions, or even (sorry about this) while listening to people speaking to me, and I just drift away, thinking about writing music. Thinking about just WRITING.This is a place where I deal with this “problem” of mine.
What’s on the menu? Mainly: Montreal: all its quirks, failings, foibles, gems, technicalities and strengths. I love my city, I woudln’t live in any other city in the world (except possibly San Francisco or Rome, but only if I were wealthy). What else?
  • Music: I love vinyl records. I buy way too many; in my defence, I listen to every one, again and again. I’m not a hoarder. I do take the item out of packaging and enjoy it thoroughly.
  • Film: as you could tell from the title ( and my “Vertgo” theme) I adore movies. So, I’ll talk about them. a LOT. (that’s both a good thing AND a bad thing!)
  • RANDOM: People watching. Photography. I like to take incognito pictures of people, the food I eat, the way footsteps look in the mud. Anything.  “I know I believe in nothing but it is my nothing.”
This is my Declaration of Principles. This is Orson Welles.

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